1. jedavu:

    Hummingbirds Pack A Colorful Punch

    Why are you so outrageously pretty?

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    Look at this


    I’ve never made this connection before…at the beginning of DH Hermione tells Ron and Harry how a wizard who’d split his soul could heal himself, save himself…remorse

    oh, harry

    Harry James you precious baby

    I’ve read this second bit before, the whole try for some remorse thing, and thought it was just a Harry stabbing in the dark, but nO

    It was so calculated

    He remembered that conversation

    Hermione’s research

    actual, possible redemption for Voldemort

    he kept that hope, however slim, that Voldemort could be saved

    before they cast their final curses, after all that happened, Harry was actually trying to get Voldemort to mend himself back together

    Harry james potter you compassionate jerk trying to save your mortal enemy before he utterly and finally destroys himself

    I really need to read the books 0_0

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  3. problackgirl:

    being friendly with a boy you aren’t romantically/physically attracted to and him developing feelings for you isn’t your fault, nor does it mean you were “leading him on”. you are under no obligation to date him.

    Thank you! I lost a friend because he thought us hanging out, taking about random crap and him offering the walk me to my dorm when it got late meant we were a couple. I had told him before that I had a crush on this other guy, but he felt that him walking me to my door (he lived on campus too by the way) meant I was into him. When I tried to explain I didn’t feel that way about him he kept demanding proof and saying I lead him on. What? Now, with my guy friends I keep thinking “no, I’ll walk in the dark alone so you won’t get any wrong ideas about us”. Since when is the accepting of a polite gesture constitute a relationship contract?

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  5. Heading to North Carolina and feeling thoughtful.
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  6. #newyork

  7. I’m at the World Trade Center Memorial

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    'Golden Goddess' - model: Mari Agory - photographer: Lindsay Adler - stylist: LSC - make-up: Griselle Rosario - Idol Magazine 2014

    Perfection achieved.

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  9. alicespoon:

    Her eyeliner is better than mine

    How do you have the right to be this cute?

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    stop this man

    im calling the fucking cops

    i have obama on the phone


    At first, I thought he was just gonna scoop some ice cream onto bread. But then

    Seriously how did he figure this out

    I have black cherry and chocolate ice cream that I hope will work for this recipe. Mind blown!

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  11. It’s getting too dark to take photos with my phone, but I liked the way these #earrin came out so much I had to post a pic.
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  12. Another piece finished, I lovw the look a natural wood and blue beads. It reminds me of the ocean and sailing.
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  13. Working on #jewelry to sell at the #Wisdom Conference that starts tomorrow. Hope to see you there! I’ll be posting photos of the pieces I make.
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  14. Size comparison for #folded #paper #dress I just made
    Do you like the dress?

  15. I made a #tiny #paper #dress